Real Estate Agents and Junk Removal Companies go together like peas and carrots.

Ok, Forrest Gump. We get it. One needs the other. Why? 

1) People will always be Moving 

2) People will always be Selling 

3) People will always be Buying 

4) All 3 will need Junk Removal 

For that reason, we have found great partnerships with real estate agents, loan officers, guardianship programs, probate attorneys, and property/building/facility managers.  

Nobody knows and understands the stressors of a move more than a Real Estate Professional. 

Their job is to make it as seamless of a process as possible for their client. How can someone think clearly through all the intense paperwork and organize their true belongings with a bunch of junk and clutter in their way? They can't. A good Real Estate Agent knows that. 

North Shore Hauling & Junk will help all Real Estate agents and building managers make the junk removal aspect of their move a seamless and easy process. 

With our fast and professional team of experts, we will be on time, uniformed, friendly, and efficient. 

Enjoy your junk removal experience today! 

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