Should I get junk removal services or a dumpster?

Whether you have a full garage clean-out or stressing about all the construction debris lying around after a house renovation, you are asking yourself the same question: 

Should I hire a professional junk removal company, or get a dumpster? 

So happy you asked. We understand that this can be a challenging decision task for any homeowner or property manager. 

What we can tell you is simple - our junk removal services will offer the same size, dimensions, and cost as your average dumpster. 

So, what makes junk removal the smart and superior decision? The main reason that junk removal offers greater value than a dumpster is that we have a team that will come out and haul everything away, quickly and professionally! 

With a dumpster, not only you are stuck with all the heavy lifting - but an eyesore at your house for a week. Get ready for animals at night and parking inconveniences for your home and those close to you. Do you think your fellow neighbors want what a dumpster brings into the neighborhood for however long it takes you?  It won't be the highlight of their week. 

Here is the best part: When you hire North Shore Hauling & Junk Removal we do ALL the work for you, and we carefully sort through all the items you have, responsibly donating and recycling anything we can. Often times, there is old furniture and appliances that can be repurposed. 

Make the cost-effective, valuable, fast, professional, eco-friendly, charitable, and stress-free choice - have our Junk Removal Team help you with your project. No job is too big or too small. 

Eliminate your labor. Eliminate the heavy lifting. Maximize your own time money. Pay the same price. These are things that are important to us. Hire North Shore Hauling & Junk Removal and make your project disappear with our same or next day service!  

You won't regret it. Neither will your neighbors. 

Your Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Company Commercial & Residential Clean-Outs.

What we quote, is what you pay.
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