Why is North Shore Hauling & Junk Removal the most affordable service?

Before we started the company, we were just like you. We didn't know where to start with junk removal. It can be overwhelming. 

You know that your weekly pick-up won't take the stuff that you have.  Maybe it's considered a "bulk" item, or too heavy for them to take.  Perhaps you just have way too much to put out on your curb. Or you are looking for a way to donate or repurpose something, and you don't feel comfortable sending it along with your weekly waste. Good for you! 

Whatever the case may be, you are faced with the problem of getting something off your property as soon as possible. They are so many things your weekly trash collector doesn't take. So, you need junk removal. Sit back and relax, because this is about to get so much easier than you think. 

At North Shore Hauling we understand and emphasize that Your Money Matters. Through these different times, we recognize this more than ever. We take the time to educate our customer's so they have a clear understanding of the process and make an informed decision. We always want our customers to understand exactly what to expect with no surprises. 

The truth is, we are able to such great value over large corporate companies because we are locally owned and operated. We care about the people in our community, you are not a sales number to us. And our prices reflect that. 

Industry-standard pricing is based upon how much volume your junk takes up in the junk removal truck. Simply put, we offer the same truck sizes as the corporate companies, we just offer a much more affordable and reasonable service for you. 

Call our junk removal professionals at 617-222-0389 and we promise to be understanding of your needs and answer any questions or corns about your project. 

If you want to see what other people saying, we encourage you to check out our 5 Star Google Rating that makes the top rated junk removal company in Massachusetts. 

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